Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Rise of Tiamat

Episode 2 - Raiders' Camp

Calithilon Lunarborn here. After the battle at Greenest, Governor Nighthill asked us to see if we could track the cultists and raiders and find out what was going on. He couldn’t pay us much, but we figured it was the right thing to do. We geared up and headed out.

At one point on the road, we came across a group of the cultists and managed to convince them that we were with the raiders. They were traveling with a few kobolds who were less than pleasant…and I mean their manners and their smell. Through some guile and subterfuge, we got the information we needed from them and managed to kill them all.

Later, we came across a hunter carrying his kill. We spoke with him and learned that he was working for the cultists and was out gathering food for the camp. We followed him on in and integrated ourselves into the camp without much trouble. The camp was set up in a huge canyon, with hundred foot cliffs surrounding all sides save one entrance to the west. We spent that night talking and listening, and gathering as much information as we could. The next day we were expected to help with chores, and to keep up our ruse we had to go along. We were sent to feed several prisoners that had been captured in Greenest. I think Ran-dal even recognized a few of them. There seemed little we could do for them at the time.

As we tended to our duties, we noticed another prisoner up on the hill closer to the command tent. He was tied to a wooden X-style cross, and guarded by two men at all times. We were determined to rescue him; if he was that important to the cultists, then we had to help him. Under cover of night, we crept up to the place where he was held. We posed as guards and managed to bluff our way past the previous shift. We quickly cut him down and headed back toward the little shelter where the other prisoners were held, intending to take them with us if possible. Wim was trying to round up some horses for us as we crept back.

Fate was not on our side. Between Ran-dal’s clanky armor and me (an elf with dark vision, no less) stumbling through the dark, we managed to alert every foe within earshot. We fought our way to the horses, and fled as fast as we could. I wasn’t sure we were going to make it…but we did.



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