Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Rise of Tiamat

Episode 3 - Dragon Hatchery

Episode 3 – Dragon Hatchery

The players were asked by Leosin Erlanthar to return to the Bandit Camp and find the Dragon Hatchery and investigate it. Leosin wanted the players to travel north to another town after the investigation and let him know what they find.

After an uneventful journey the players make their way back to the Bandit Camp. Except for a few hunters they find it empty. In the cover of darkness they find the entrance on the far side of the canyon. After entering they huge cave they are immediately ambushed by a kobold guard. The players quickly take them out. Randall discovers a secret passage to the right. The players find an abandoned supply/treasure room and then stumble into a barrack room full of human cultists. After a bloody battle the player emerge wounded but victorious. One of the cultists escapes to warn the others.

Calithilon Lunarborn here. We were banged up pretty bad from our fight in the barracks and decided to rest up before delving deeper into the caves. We healed ourselves up and prepared fresh spells for our next encounter. Over the course of the next day, we encountered flying creatures that dropped rocks on us, hostile fungi, and blood sucking bats. They all tore us up pretty good. Eventually we found our way to a room that held the dragonborn leader of the group, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. We recognized him as the one Ran-dal had faced in front of the Greenest stronghold.He was dangerous, andhe had smelled us coming.

The dragonborn was aided by two powerful human warriors. We went after them with everything we had, and it almost wasn’t enough. Time and again, Joash the cleric came to our aid to heal us up and keep us in the fight. The dragonborn had some sort of electrical shock for breath…doesn’t say much for his hygiene. I felt the force of it a couple of times…it wasn’t pleasant. Eventually we were able to prevail against them, but it was touch and go for a while.

As we surveyed the room, our eyes fell on an ornate treasure chest in one corner. We figured it was trapped, but our curiosity got the better of us. We tied a rope around Wim’s leg and the rest of us hid in a nearby hallway while he attempted to pick the lock. He almost had it, but then it happened…a horrible acid spray started coming out of little ornate dragon heads carved into the walls. It burned Wim badly, and ate up his leather armor and left him with little more than his undergarments. We dragged him to safety as fast as we could, and moved on down the stairwell.

As we looked over a slight precipice, we finally saw what we had come for…two dragon eggs! We made our way down to them carefully, searching for traps as we went. Ran-dal had set one off earlier, and we had learned our lesson. As we inspected the two eggs, a nasty smell caught our noses…drakes! Two of them…and they didn’t like us being there. They attacked with all their fury, and we returned in kind. Beastly fellows, they almost proved more than we were capable of handling. Joash, Ran-dal, and I went down in the fight, and Wim was forced to finish off the last one on his own. With daring hit and run maneuvers, he eventually defeated the dangerous beast.

We inspected the eggs and decided the best thing to do was to destroy them on the spot. We sliced open the eggs and I scorched both baby black dragons before they ever had the chance to become a threat.



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